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    2.5D Gameplay

    On top of the nostalgia of legendary side-shooters, we added a whole other layer to the experience.

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    Equip Powerful Weapons

    You though dual wielding was fun – how about FOUR WEAPONS at a time?

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    30+ Deadly Bugs

    Level up by beating all those bugs that get in your way and earn gems along the way.

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    Epic Boss Fights

    Test your skills against the most dangerous bosses…if you get there alive.

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    Exciting Music

    Music by award winning composers Fabian Farhat and Gerard Marino.


Set in a world ruled by insects, a lone soldier ant must defend his home colony at all costs from a brutal invasion by the termite infantry, the wasp airforce and other enemy bug nations.

Packed with customizable weapon load-outs, a large variety of enemies and challenging boss battles, MilitAnt™ takes you into a rich stylized insect world, blending novel 2.5D shooter gameplay with epic platforming action.


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