Patch 1.02 now available for PS4

MilitAnt Patch 1.02 PS4

Hello everybody!

Here’s the list of changes:

– Small Health Drop chance from 1%(100 HP)-15%(1 HP) depending on health percentage to 10%(100 HP) – 57%(1 HP).
– Small Health Drops now disappear after 5 seconds (they will start blinking after the 3 second mark).
– Added a location particle before the termites spawn.
– If the spawner has double enemy spawns, it’ll pop the particle before the second enemy comes online.
– Fixed some menu input bugs.
– Fixed a bug that made you lose the aim in the Mantis Twins boss fight too early.


– Aiming now works while rotating the joystick, not just tapping. When rotate is active speed is decreased, helping the player for a more precise aiming.

– Tap still works as intended.

– Added a smooth visual cue when entering target/locking into enemies.

– Enemies target/lock-on hitbox are 1.8x larger.

– Enemies that are locked-on and rendered outside the scene now stay “awake.” (This means they can shoot at the player, the Ant won’t lose target and they can be hurt). They will become invulnerable and won’t shoot if the lock-on is removed.

– Enemies on a given radius around the locked-on target will stay “awake”.

– After an enemy has been rendered out from the camera and locked-on, a timer will start. After 5 seconds the Ant will lose the lock-on.
– Extended the range of the knives/melee attack below the Ant. Melee now kills enemies underneath.

– The Ant can now bounce bullets from its back.

– Melee can now destroy destructible objects.

– Invincibility time from .25 seconds to 1.25 seconds.

– The Ant can now start a double jump while falling/in the air, rather than entering directly to the second jump.

Level 1:
– Removed the triple spawn point on the Spec-Ops termite in the RoachTank Battle section. (Spec-Ops Termites will still spawn once).
– Moved the Health Pack from the RoachTank Battle to the Right.
Level 2
– Removed the camera zoom triggers around the first area bridge.
– Removed double wasps spawns. (Wasps will still spawn one time).
– Removed a vast amount of enemies on the beginning area.

Level 3
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused projectiles to follow targets forever rather than exploding.

Level 4
– Removed Double and Triple Spec-Ops Termite spawns. (Spec-Ops Termites will still spawn once).
– Added 1 flytrap to ease the pace at the last section of level 4 in the platforming section.

Level 6
-Removed the camera zooms in the first bridge.


– Crossbow: Cool Rate from 0.07 to 0.5 (this means it removes 0.5 units from the heat meter rather than 0.07 every tick). Overheat Penalty from 5 to 3 seconds.

– Machine Gun: Heat Rate from 0.033 to 0.028 (this means it adds 0.028 to the meter every tick) Overheat Penalty: From 5 to 4 seconds.

– Barrage: Overheat Penalty: from 1.8 seconds to 0.9 seconds.

– Electric Beam: Overheat Penalty from 7 to 4 seconds.

– Minigun: Cool Rate from 0.14 to 0.2 units. Overheat Penalty from 7.15 seconds to 4 seconds.

– Rocket Launcher: Heat Rate from 0.7 to 0.5 units. Cool Rate from 0.05 to 0.8 units.

– Sentry Launcher: Overheat Penalty from 4.5 to 3.8 seconds.

– Shotgun: Overheat Penalty from 5.5 to 3 seconds.

– Spread Gun: Heat Rate from 0.3 to 0.24 units. Cool Rate from 0.05 to 0.1. Overheat Penalty from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

– Spawn points now have a 0.8 seconds timer if they carry more than one enemy.
(this means that if there’s more than one enemy spawning in the current position it’ll have a constant wait of 0.8 seconds between spawns. Launch version had a random timer between 2-5 seconds).
– Added a radius to their spawn points that prevents enemies from spawning right in front of the Ant or underneath.
– Enemies that double spawn at the same time from the same spawn point will now have a fixed distance from each other (this means they won’t be just separated on the Z-Plane but the X too.)

Termite Commanders:
– Added a small flag on their back to make them more noticeable, and give more visual cue about their importance.
– If left alive, their buffing sound will fade out after 5 seconds offscreen.

Green Beetle Bomber
– Fixed not losing target after death.

Rhino Beetle
-Fixed not losing target after death.

– Fixed their collision box so the player can do Melee to their heads.

Prey Mantis:
– X attack range reduced by 15%.

Shogun Warriors:
– Now drops small health packs.

Shogun Beetle:
Reduced the amount of attacks to stun from 3 to 2. Reduced its total HP by 23%.

Woodlice Launcher:
– Now drops small health packs.

Hercules Beetle
– Reduced legs HP by 50. (Now it only takes one melee hit to bring down its front arms).

RoachTank Mini Boss
– Reduced HP from 1000 to 745.

– Reduced it’s total HEAD HP by 25%
– Hitting the head now does -1HP.
– Added 30% to it’s total HEART HP pool.

Shogun Gate
– Beetle Archers now have a 15 second wait time before respawning.

Yellow Jacket
– It’s bullets are now reflectable.


– Going from the Armory into the Level Select screen now places you in the last unlocked level rather than the last played level.


– Fixed a bug that preventing the player from swapping weapons at the same time with the bumpers.

– Fixed D-Pad dashing not working properly.

– Fixed a few grammar mistakes.

– Fixed being able to move during camera fades after death.

– Fixed a bug where if the player died on a slide on zero lives, Game Over screen appeared and clicked continue, would cause the Ant to not move from its position.

– Fixed a bug where you could see the mecha-spider’s eyes before it spawned.

– Application Icon changed.

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